Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Worms World Party v1.0.4


Requirements: Win CE 3.0 / Pocket PC 2002 and up, 6Mb free disk space to install, 7Mb available to run the game.
Overview: Worms World Party rocks with the wacky gameplay, eye-popping graphics and outrageous sound effects. Control an army of military-minded worms in a battle for global domination. Turn-based strategy fun lets you annihilate invertebrate foes with a wild array of weapons, tools and utilities. Infinite battlefield generator means you'll never fight the same fight twice. Deploy wacky ammo like super sheep in multiplayer "hot seat" or battle against the computer. Wage war until the last worm wriggles!
Worms World Party 
* Multiplayer game action in "hot-seat" style, or play against the computer
* An array of wild and wacky weapons, including super sheep, banana bombs and mole squadrons
* Infinite landscape generation; you never battle on the same terrain twice
* High level of customization, including a left-handed play option and the ability to choose stylus speed and control buttons
* Graphic detail that adjusts to your device

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Mirrors: ... /1.exe.htm

Game + WWP Key Config v1.1: ...

App to change key config:

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