Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Madbeetle WorldTime v.5.02


Requirements: WM5-6, SP
Overview: WorldTime 5.0 displays the current date and time including daylight time saving in 58,000 locations across the world.
Designed to run on Windows Mobile 5.x & 6.x devices, supporting all resolutions. The finger friendly UI enables easy navigation on touch devices, and button navigation on non touch devices. Smooth scrolling lists and adaptive colouring make WorldTime a pleasure to use.

Add cities or timezones from the built in database which includes 58,000 locations, or add you own city by entering its name, GMT offset, longitude and latitude position.

Get Weather forecasts for any of the 58,000 locations, including your own added locations.

See a more detailed list of items for a given city, such as longitude and latitude position, day length, sunrise and set times, day light time saving start and end dates to name a few.

The application has 4 main views : 
Multi Clock
Displays a list of your selected locations. Up to 50 locations can be displayed on the one screen and the list smooth scrolls between them.

Displays the selected location on the world map, which also shows a real time day night map.

Main Clock
Displays the selected locations time in a analogue clock along with (depending on screen resolution) more specific details about the location.

Displays a list of additional tools and settings :

* Currency Conversion : converts between over 100 currencies, with a online data update to download daily currency updates.
* Metric Calculator : converts between units of different types, including distance, length, area volume, weight, speed, pressure, torque, angle and temperature.
* Meeting Planner : use to plan meetings or to compare times between locations. The planner displays a grid of times for each hour of the day, listing the selected locations side by side. Times when people are normally at work are shown in green, when they’re normally awake but not working in yellow and when they're asleep in red. This enable you to choose the best time for a meeting that best suits all.
* Stop Watch : handy stop watch includes listing lap and split times.
* Data Update : downloads new data if its been updated on the server. This keeps the devices database up to date with the latest locations and day light time saving information. If a new version of WorldTime is released you’ll also be notified about its release when performing a data update.
* Setup : enables you to setup your user preferences including setting the theme WorldTime will use. By settings a colour theme worldtime adapts the colours to match the base hue of the device settings, a black theme sets WorldTime to use black and a white theme sets WorldTime to use white.

More info:
Download Instructions: no serial needed thanks to SyMPDA
WorldTime v.5.02 Download file from depositfiles
WorldTime v.5.02 Download file from sharingmatrix
WorldTime v.5.02 Download file from uploading

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