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iPhoneToday v1.4.7 (Freeware)


Requirements: WM 5.0, 6.0, 6.5
Overview: iPhoneToday for Windows Mobile
- Multiples screens (With animates transactions)
- Notification on icons for calls, sms, etc
- Is a Today (No problems when we push the home button, no problems with incoming calls, ...)
- Compatibility with others todays (By example: Date Today and iPhoneToday after), today height configurable
- QVGA, VGA, WVGA... (The user define the icon size and height screen)
- UI for Icons managings
- UI for configuration
- Very low memory

FIRST and MOST IMPORTANT: Back up your phone

1. Start by downloading one of the iPhone_Today.zip files from the downloads section
* When you open the ZIP file you will see many files. There is one dll version, and a bunch that are custom to each type of phone resolution. These versions (non-dll versions) will install the program, the icons and settings files.
* If this is an update and you have already installed iPT; Install the dll version. The dll version only installs the updated program. Since you already have the icons and settings files, you do not need to reinstall those

How To Install
1. Copy the iPhone Today cab onto your phone.
2. On your phone, and navigate to where you placed the cab.
3. Click the iPhgoneToday.cab file and install it to your phone. DO NOT INSTALL TO THE STORAGE CARD
4. You will have 2 versions installed;
* the exe version is opened like any program (start menu --> programs --> iPhoneToday.exe) This is full screen mode. It will exit if you press home or end. This works very well with programs that use tabs, like TF3d.
* Or you can use iPhoneToday as a today plug-in. Go into "Start --> Settings --> Today --> Today items" and disable all other today plugins except iPhone Today
5. Use the icon and settings UI managers to add/edit icons (See below for UI instructions)
6. For advanced functions and the “missing bars” see the next setp

Setup after install
Press and hold anywhere on the screen. A menu will pop up
(If you press and hold on an icon)
* Add Icon
* Move Icon
* Edit Icon
* Delete Icon
* Cancel

(If you press and hold in a blank area)
* Add Icon
* Options
* Cancel

When you select “Add Icon” or “Edit Icon” you will enter the icon edit menu
Icon Menu

Screen: This should be filled out all ready; to add the icon to a different screen or a new screen, change this number. To set the icon to the bottom static bar (the bottom icons do not move) set screen to -1. Note that the 1st page is number 0, the second page is number 1 and so on.

* Icon: Location of the icon on that page. Note that the 1st icon is number 0; the second icon is number 1 and so on.
* Name: This is the name that will display under the icon
* Image: this is the location of the picture for the icon
* Type: If this is a special icon, select it, otherwise select normal
* Execute: This is the program that runs when the icon is pressed.
o WARNING Do not select any exe, lnk, mscr files with any of these characters !@#$%^&()+=-<>,./ This will crash iPhoneToday. If you need to use a file with one of these create a shortcut to that file and aim the icon at that shortcut. See below for creating shortcuts and MortScript files.
* Parameters: this is a command or setting used for the program being run. For example if you have a program that dials a number, this is where you would put the phone number (Warning If you add quotations (“) to parameters it will crash the plug-in)
* ExecuteAlt: What runs when the icon (special icon) has a status
* ParamsAlt: this is a command or setting used for the Alt program being run if any.
* Launch Animation: Check this if you want a simple animation when the icon is pressed

When you select “Options” you will enter settings the edit menu
(more coming soon)
Edit Menu

* Icon: Size of icon
* Icons for Row: Number of icons per row
* Portrait Height: Screen height in portait mode (remember you have tital and bottom bars)
* Landscape Height: Screen height in landscape mode (remember you have tital and bottom bars)
* Velocity: Leave along
* Factor Movement: Leave along
* Font Size: Size of font
* Time of Vibration: How long in miliseconds phone will vibrate for when you press an icon
* [ ] Ignore Rotation Screen: Check to not have the icons regroup on landscape mode (use only if you are having issues going back to portrait mode)
* [ ] Close on launch icon: Use for exe version

* Wallpaper: Select a wallpaper background picture (do not select if you are using a transparent background)
* [ ] Transparent Background: Select if you want the background to be see through
* [ ] Static Background: This will not "stretch" the background. Every page will have the same background

* Font Width: Width of clock font (when using a clock type icon)
* Font Height: height of clock font (when using a clock type icon)
* Font" Color of clock font (when using a clock type icon)
* [ ] 12 Hours Format: 12 or 24 hour mode?

iPhoneToday v1.4.7

1. Changed the icon set
2. Added pressed icon effect
Currently incuded icons: CrackedGlass.png, Fingerprint.png, RoundedPressed.png (default), Spotlight.png, StopwordPressed.png (Thanks to Osprey for the images)
3. Added text shadow
4. Added some new options for the background image: fit width, fit height, center
5. Added refresh time setting in the movement tab
6. Added new command: --volume:++ and --volume:--
7. Fixed a bug with animation rectangular staying sometimes on screen
8. Fixed some minor bugs

More info: http://code.google.com/p/iphonetoday/
Download instruction: No Serial Needed

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