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iPhoneToday v1.4.6 (freeware)


Requirements: PPC 2003-WM 5.0-->WM6.5
Overview: it is an iPhone clone, more a mix of iFonz and iDiamond Project that united to S2U2, will be a good alternative to the actual interfaces.
---v1.4.6 (Mar 06, 2010):
Added some new icon types:
Volume, Memory Load, Memory Free, Memory Used, GPRS State, Signal Strength, Operator Name, Signal Strength & Operator Name.

Added some new commands:
--rotate to rotate the screen 90 degrees
--rotate: (e.g. --rotate:270) to rotate the screen by the given angle
--volume: to set the system volume to (0-100)
--volume:+ or --volume:- to increase or decrease the system volume by
--reset or --restart to soft reset the device
--off or --standby or --suspend to suspend the device
--minimize to minimize the iPhoneToday's window (only for exe version)
--taskbar to show/hide the taskbar (only for exe version)

Alpha blend transparent icons with the background, Option dialog to configure the transparency of icons, Fixed transparency of png icons with black pixels, Today item's height is configurable again, The color of the expanding rectangular - animation on launch - can now be configured, A default sound on launch can be set, Added a play button in the icon settings dialog to preview the selected sound, Fixed the ignore screen rotation option, Fixed focus of the choose color dialog
If the bubble png icons are not found nicer bubbles are programmatically drawn, Added a reset settings to defaults button in the about dialog, Configurable margins for the text inside the special icons such as day of month, day of week, clock, battery, etc. You can set which applications to run when the icons are out of screen instead of cycling through the pages, Reorganized the options dialog
AppToDate support, Installer will ask to create a startup shortcut to the exe if you answer no to the question whether you want to enable the today item plugin.

More Info:
Download Instructions: install the right cab for ur phone.
for PPC 2003 :
for WM :
for PPC 2003:Megaupload Mediafire
for WM: Megaupload Mediafire
< CAB file: iPhoneToday.CAB - No serial needed >

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