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Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886


Requirements: WM5-6.5
Overview: Handy Assistant for Windows Mobile Pocket PC is your personal mobile secretary that manages your incoming calls and profiles. All calls are managed according to the phone’s current profile, which can be defined by custom rules.
Handy Assistant helps to improve your incoming call handling productivity and effectiveness thanks to great number of phone features. Rich functionalities like call recording, profile management, call filtering and call processing make your phone’s control really handy. Get a universal and easy-to-use phone’s organizer with Handy Assistant for Windows Mobile Pocket PC!

Profile Management
Did your phone ring during a meeting? Did you forget to turn on the sound back on after a meeting and miss an important call? Handy Assistant can solve these problems for you.

There are 6 default profiles in Handy Assistant: Meeting, Sleep, Spare Time, Calendar events, and Roaming. You can customize any of the default profiles or create new profiles.
Handy Assistant profiles can be activated either automatically or manually. Automatically activated profiles can be enabled according to a schedule (specific days and time) or by location (e.g. office, gym, or home).
Sound options (ring volume and type) can be customized for each profile.
Quickly and easily change the current profile directly from the Today screen of your mobile device.

Call processing
Adjust your phone to allow or prohibit some of the incoming calls according to your needs!
Handy Assistant processes all you incoming calls by different rules: Accept, Reject, Reject+SMS or Ignor. You can set different rules for various groups of contacts.
If you do choose to accept incoming calls it is possible to select the ring-tone from a list of available options.
If you are unable to answer an incoming call you can easily reject it and answer with SMS. Different SMS templates can be created for different groups of contact.
The Black list feature will allow you to specify contacts whose calls will be ignored under all circumstances, regardless of the current profile. 

More features
* Call recording – Ensure that you will not miss any important information during a call, just record the conversation!*
* Automatic redialing to save your time.
* Create a new contact, save info about an appointment, write a note, or change the current profile even during a call.
* Adjustable profile icons and profile priority. The priority defines which of the automatically activated profiles will be enabled in case of conflicting schedules.

More info:
Download Instructions: reg with any key
Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886 Download file from depositfiles
Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886 Download file from sharingmatrix
Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886 Download file from uploading
Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886 Download file from uploaded
Handy Assistant v.1.0 build 140.4886 Download file from Rapidshare

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