Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Comic Reader Mobile v1.6.1 (Freeware)


Requirements: PocketPC 2003(SE), WM5, WM6 - .NET CF v3.5
Overview: Comic Reader Mobile is a special software to read comic strips on a Pocket PC device

- Lense Mode! click on any part of the page and it'll show a zoomed in section of that area.
- Autosizing lense. Lense will try to fit to the text, so its almost always the right size!
- Portrait/Landscape mode in Full screen.
- Autorotate for best fit.
- Opens zip/cbz and rar/cbr files.
- High Quality image resize. (Text is still readable even when the comic is fit to the screen!)
- Touch Pro features extra commands Doubletap right panel, left panel, or action button. Use the wheel to scroll.
- Smooth scrolling. (Even on large images.)
- Bookmarking.
- Remembers what comic and page you were on.
- Remembers the last 10 comics and what page they were on.
- "Next Comic" option opens the next zip in the directory, so you don't have to remember which one your on.
- "Manga" when changing pages, automatically starts at the right of the page.
- Can associate with cbz/cbr and zip/rar files.
- Page list.
- Recent list.
- All buttons are rebindable.
- Onscreen controls.

- Double click to go full screen.
- Hit the action button to go to the next page:
- Up: Toggle Dragging.
- Down: Fullscreen.
- Left: Previous Page.
- Right: Next Comic.
- Click to see the lense.
o Drag lense to move it.
o Drag screen to make the lense go away.

Update Description:
- Program minimizes on call.
- Fixed bug on Fuze, where if fullscreen was binded to the arrow keys, it would sometimes cause it to toggle between fullscreen indefinetely.
- Fixed some problems that were caused when the last read comic was no longer there.
- Added a catch all block at the beginning, so the program should always start, even if theres a problem loading the file.

More Info:
Download Instructions: ... V1.6.1.CAB
< CAB file: ComicReaderMobileV1.6.1.CAB - No serial needed - SiMiLaR >
here are some mirrors: ... leV161.rar

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