Selasa, 16 Maret 2010

Cliquick (Best Windows Mobile Touch Keyboard)


Fast, Simple, Finger-Friendly Soft Keypad 
Fastest Touch Keypad
70% of text requires only a single tap to enter
Twice faster any traditional phone keypad
Faster than any Semi-Qwerty keyboards

Full Keyboard with Huge Keys
50% bigger keys than in other keyboards

3 or 4 lines customizable skins
Additional valuable screen space

Various skin layout & sizes
Supports over 120 languages
Russian, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Korean, German

Optionally works with the "Word Completion"
Improved feedback – Visual, Sound & Vibration
Fast symbols entry without switching modes
One-handed or two-handed operation
Additional valuable screen space

More info:

Download Instructions:
Versi 4.03c
PENTING! (1) Install Keygen.patch.CAB (2) Enter 12345 to get your real key. Uninstall Keygen.patch.CAB (3) Install and use your real key

Mirrors: ... v4.03c.rar

< CAB file: Keygen.patch.CAB - - Instructions - SiMiLaR >

Versi 4.01
Download Instructions:


< CAB files: Keygen.patch.CAB - - Instructions - SiMiLaR >

Download Instructions: no serial needed + keygen patch
Cliquick v.4.01 Download file from depositfiles
Cliquick v.4.01 Download file from sharingmatrix
Cliquick v.4.01 Download file from uploading
Cliquick v.4.01 Download file from uploaded

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