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Ageet AGEphone Mobile v.


Requirements: WM5-6.5
Overview: AGEphone Mobile 2 brings VoIP functionality to your Pocket PC or Smartphone. Powered by ageet's "microSIP Stack" it is extremely small and fast andd therefore performs well even on older and less powerful phones. Our softphone is designed to work on Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices with or without a touch screen and is optimized for most available resolutions in portrait or landscape mode.


Key Features:

Use Multiple Service Providers at Once
With AGEphone Mobile it is possible to use multiple VoIP services at once that in combination make for much cheaper calls than when relying on a single provider. It's also possible to receive calls from
multiple numbers assigned to you. That way you can be available under different dial in numbers wherever you are! And when making a call, you simply choose the best provider according to your location.

Provider Quick-Switch
This enhanced user interface makes switching between your providers a snap! Just click the center button to begin cycling through your providers or hold down on the center button to bring up a provider list. For touchscreen devices, you can also double click the input area of the display screen to begin cycling through your providers or hold your finger or stylus on the input area to bring up the provider list.

Integrated Addressbook
Don't worry about having to manage a separate address book just for AGEphone Mobile. With our softphone there is no need to import or enter contacts manually time and again. It works seamlessly with your device's standard addressbook and so there is no extra work for you to do. Just open the address book, select your contact and give AGEphone the number that you want to dial.

Profiles and Vibration
Let AGEphone Mobile assist you throughout the day with different call profiles for normal use, sending all your calls to the answering machine, notifying the caller you're not available, appearing offline to the caller, automatically answering all calls or not accepting them without your caller ever knowing it. Profiles also allow you to set AGEphone Mobile into vibration mode separately from your phone's main setting.

Optimized GUI and Options
Dial numbers just like you are used to without having to bother with your stylus and fiddly keys. Most of AGEphone's main functions can be reached over nice finger friendly buttons and are literally at your fingertips. It's a joy to navigate through the well organized settings that support you setting up your provider and AGEphone Mobile for the best user experience!

Incoming / Ougoing History
You need to review a recently dialed number or want to contact someone who called you yesterday? Just press the incoming or ougoing history button to find your number! By default the left button represents the incoming and the right the outgoing history, but of course you can change these button assignments in the settings menuto reflect your preference.

Other Features:
* High quality sound, low delay buffering
* The world's smallest and lightest VoIP stack
* UPnP, STUN Support
* Possibility to simultaneously use multiple Services
* Provider QuickSwitch
* Answering Machine
* Click to Call Function
* DND(Do not Disturb) Function
* VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
* Number Scaling
* Call History
* Number Auto Complete
* Utilizes device's default addressbook
* Inband/RFC2833 DTMF send
* Multiple Codecs*
* Voice Recording
* IPv6 support
* Device Power Management
* Multiple Language Support: English, German, and Japanese

More Info: http://www.ageet.com/us/Products-AGEphone-Mobile.htm
Download Instructions: REGISTER using any serial (make sure all spaces are filled)
AGEphone Mobile v. Download file from depositfiles
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