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VITO Voice2Go v1.52


Requirements: Pocket PC OS Version 2003(+SE), 5.0 & wm6
Overview: VITO Voice2Go is a voice recognition application for Pocket PC that allows managing your Pocket PC with your own voice!
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VITO Voice2Go is a voice recognition application for Pocket PC that allows managing your Pocket PC with your own voice!

With VITO Voice2Go you can forget about tapping the screen with the stylus - what a boring and old-style way of communicating with your PDA!

# Based on Voice Recognition Engine originally developed by VITO Technology
# Provides precise and accurate voice recognition even in poor conditions
# Voice tags can be saved to a backup archive and restored
# Compatible with all handhelds: Pocket PCs and Pocket PC Phones.
# New macros interface
# Faster contact list load and search
# supports default Windows Mobile contacts
Main Features:
Call your contacts! Voice2Go is a voice dialing solution for your Pocket PC. Generally, Pocket PCs miss this capability; Voice2Go bridges the gap. Assign voice commands to your contacts' names and dial their numbers without touching to anything.

Hear who's calling you! Caller ID has been upgraded. From now on, you are able to hear the name of the person that is calling you right now. Along with the ringtone, Voice2Go will loudly pronounce a command you've recorded for that person and only then will ring the tone.
After you hear who's calling, you have just to say a Magic Word for answering the phone (or for sending a busy tone if you're not in the mood today to talk to anyone except your Pocket PC)!

Launch applications with your voice! Voice2Go enables you to launch any programs you have installed on your Pocket PC just by pronouncing their names or commands that you have recorded

Magic Word is the word that your Pocket PC is waiting for to start acting. Say a Magic Word, and Voice2Go will turn itself on and will listen for the next your command - to launch an application, call a contact or anything else you have to order to your Pocket PC.
With Magic Words, you can never touch your Pocket PC. Say a Magic Word, then say a command - and it's done!
Don't forget to plug your Pocket PC into a power source before turning on the Magic Word mode: it requires much energy from your Pocket PC because it keeps listening to what you say all the time!

Not enough? Voice2Go features macro recording: you can record any actions you do with the stylus (button presses, screen and menu taps etc.) - and perform them later with your voice! Even if there's no setting or program in the list of actions for Voice2Go, you can always create a new one for yourself. It's all up to you!

More Info: 

Download Instructions:
http://www.uploadjockey.com/download/86 ... rUnLiu.rar

http://rapidshare.com/files/183126768/V ... rUnLiu.cab
http://www.ziddu.com/download/3185019/V ... u.rar.html

Cracked by rUnLiu
< CAB file:  VITO.Voice2Go.CAB - No serial needed - SiMiLaR >

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