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SKTools v.


Many thanks to Dasai

Requirements: WM5-6.5
Overview: Powerful maintenance toolkit. Cleaning the registry and the file system,
FreeUP RAM, other methods of system maintenance and much more...


This multi-function application includes more than 50 tools and allows an easy but powerful maintenance of Windows Mobile devices. Clean up your registry and file system, free-up RAM, backup and restore, find duplicate contacts, appointments and tasks. SKTools can manage installed applications, Today plugins, software keyboards.

15 February 2010. . SKKV Software released SKTools

• New settings storage subsystem.
• New tool - "File Explorer": copy, move, rename, delete, preview for some file types, change attributes, create shortcuts, open, open with....

• Because SKTools is one from "the first installation programs" - we have removed demo restrictions in File Explorer, Registry Explorer and SKTools Backup tools.
• "Databases": added "Mount volume" command. This command allows you to view the database in currently unmounted volume.
• "Installed Programs": added "Installation folder" column.
• "Installed Programs": deep scan after uninstall.
• Shortcut Wizard: added shortcut for toggle screen rotation (portrait - landscape).
• Shadow Services: added "Keep backlight" service. This service prevent backlight off and device sleep mode.
• Messages: added "Move" command.
• Messages: added "Only these folders" filter.
• Temporary and Cache Folders: added cache cleaner for some versions of YouTube and HTC Album applications.
• Invalid Registry Entry: added cleaner for Start Menu icons definitions.
• Added Exclude list for close tasks command.
• Menu "Tools" reorganization ("About" submenu).
• Added "Tools->Control panel" command.

More Info: http://s-k-tools.com/index.html?m_downloads.html#tools

Download Instructions: use keygen
SKTools v. Download file from depositfiles
SKTools v. Download file from sharingmatrix
SKTools v. Download file from uploaded
SKTools v. Download file from uploading
SKTools v. Download file from rapidshare

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