Kamis, 25 Februari 2010

Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285


Requirements: WM5-6.5, SP
Overview: Handy SMS is a messaging application that arranges and manages your short messages in the most efficient way. Handy SMS expands the standard Windows Mobile functionality with lots of useful features.


Handy SMS for Windows Mobile provides useful and advanced on-device message management with MS Outlook integration. Create text messages and send them out to several recipients just in two taps! Send messages traditionally or organize SMS chat to make discussions easier to track. All unread messages can be viewed directly on your Today screen. Handy SMS also protects your privacy by keeping undesired messages off your phone.

Sending messages - one, two, three and it's done!

* Create new text messages
* Send messages to a group of contacts simultaneously
* Add a business card to the message
* Several predefined emotions display all nuances of your mood.
* Postpone sending with options to schedule the send time
* Special settings: delivery reports and an option to save each sent message

Handy message management

* Sort messages into folders. Separate folders can be created for each contact.
* SMS chat feature shows incoming and sent messages in a flowing form, just like chat.
* Integrate Handy SMS with MS Outlook! All messages (excluding messages from Blacklist and Greylist contacts) can be viewed in Outlook.
* Option to set a personal ringtone for each contact.
* Handy Today Plug-In displays unread messages on your Today screen


* The Black list feature allows you to specify contacts whose messages will be deleted under all circumstances. Never be bothered by blacklisted contacts!
* The Grey list features password protected contacts. The messages from these contacts can be read only after password entry. There is no beep sound when messages from grey contacts are received.
* Auto replay features preset templates to answer all incoming messages, when enabled. Your personal SMS out-of-office assistant!

More useful features

* Intuitive interface designed for easier touch screen control (available only for touch-screen smartphones)
* Multilingual interface: English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish

More info:http://www.penreader.com/windows-mobile-software/Handy_SMS.html

Download Instructions: no serial needed
Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285 Download file from depositfiles

Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285 Download file from sharingmatrix
Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285 Download file from uploading
Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285 Download file from uploaded
Handy SMS v.1.0.0 build 327.5285 Download file from Rapidshare

CAB file: HandySMS.CAB - No serial needed - SiMiLaR >

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