Sabtu, 02 Januari 2010

Windows Mobile: RIP 2000-2009

If the Boy Genius Report is correct (and they usually are), Windows Mobile 7 has been delayed until the end of 2010. Why even bother anymore?

Let's flash back to 2000, when Windows Mobile debuted as Pocket PC 2000. It was innovative, useful and needed a lot of tweaking. Pocket PC 2000 eventually became the Windows Mobile operating system and many of the first smartphones debuted. Up until 2007, Windows Mobile was considered the operating system of choice by most mobile users. Then, strike 1 occured and the iPhone debuted.

Despite the IPhone 1.0 operating system's debut, Windows Mobile still was the choice of business users worldwide. However, Windows Mobile, with the hard to use Mobile Windows Media player, started falling behind. Then, strike 2 occured: the iPhone 2.0 operating system.

The updated iPhone operating system was a lot more business friendly. The new iPhone hardware also allowed for faster 3G Internet speeds. The HTC Diamond and HTC Touch Pro tried to compete with the iPhone, but completely failed to keep up Windows Mobile's relevancy.

The final nail in Windows Mobile's coffin occurred this past autumn where many phones running Android debuted: the HTC Hero, the Motorola Droid, the myTouch, and many others. Android's operating system, which is similar in many ways to that of Windows Mobile, is on its way to becoming the dominant smartphone operating system. It is quite possible that Android headsets will surpass iPhones in sales. Just look how fast the Motorola Droid has been selling.
We want to thank all the folks at Windows Mobile for being pioneers in mobile handhelds and smartphones. They have made our lives very exciting for the past decade. We are very sad to see the death of their operating system, but accept the fact that everybody and everything dies eventually.

Saya cuma bilang, "Who cares if windows mobile hard to use". dan sekali lagi saya katakan, "WINDOWS MOBILE/PHONE STILL THE BEST GADGET I EVER HAD!" (Yossy Setiawan)

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