Jumat, 01 Januari 2010

838 ROM > Windows mobile 6.5 (21806) stock like rom


As over the past few months ive seen alot of members asking for the 6.5 stock rom and so far there isnt one i thought id thought id build one (or at least somthing similar) I have removed all the random crap we add to our custom roms and gone back to basics.

Programes include:
Netcf 3.5
office mobile (including onenote)
Getting started
windows marketplace
microsoft my phone
Bubblebreaker and solitaire
windows live
Device update (included in ext rom so can be removed)


Just remember this is still a custom rom but i hope this will satisfy all those after it for now.
Only one bug ive noticed is that windows live doesnt work but i havent found a version that does (now fixed in v3 thanks to cab from + que ppc)

Ill update this thread as new builds get released or i find out what the real stock apps are (eg splash screens and comm manager) but for now it is as stock as possible!

Heres the links so enjoy
V1 (without netcf)
V2 (with netcf added)
V3 (fixed windows live)

New Link

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