Sabtu, 09 Januari 2010

A Bloody Mess! v1.1


Requirements: Pocket PC with WM QVGA (240X320)
Overview: A Bloody Mess!
 Ever have one of those days when your home is invaded by hordes of flesh eating zombies?

Well now you can. Take on the role of John Doe. A man that only wants to spend the weekend with his family, but instead winds up having to defend them from the recently deceased. Blow off their heads or toss a grenade it’s mindless violence at it’s best.

* Multiple weapons
* Over a thousand reanimated corpses.
* Frantic gameplay during day, evening, and night.
* Blood, blood, and more blood. * Truly random enemy generation. So every time you play it’s never the same.
* And a B-Rate Horror movie plot line.

So grab your gun and head for the roof. It’s time to give your trigger finger a much needed workout, and show these zombies how to make?
A Bloody Mess.

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