Rabu, 16 Desember 2009

Vasquez Talk To Me v0.1.4


Requirements: Windows Mobile 6
Overview: Talk To Me is a simple voice clock application that will say out loud the current time on your device everytime you launch an executable (vasquez.exe).
The file setup.exe modifies the few settings for the app:

  • Actor: which sounds set to use (only default available for now).
  • Format: hh mm only for now, to be joined by "o'clock", "and a half", "quarter to" and so on.
  • AM/PM: use am/pm or not where appropriate.
  • 12/24: use a 12 or 24 hours cycle (Note that using 24 hours the AM/PM setting is ignored).
Bottom Line
While easy to use and learn, it has its downs:
  • An app that would have taken a few kbs requires instead more than 2mb, because of having to pack the interpreter together with the code (only to be expected really).
  • It takes a while to run the app (each exe being ~1.2mb) and it feels oddly wrong having to wait a few seconds for such a settings menu to appear (you'll see what I mean if you try). 
Download Instructions:

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