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Soccermanager PPC 2009 v2.8b


Requirements: Pocket PC with WM 5.0, 6.0, 6.1, .NET 3.5
Overview: Soccermanager PPC 2009 is a Manager-Game for Pocket PC

“Tactic, manage, construct, to make career…” that’s the words to explain the Soccermanager PPC 2009. And that’s all for the pocket pc.

The Target means “to win the championship”. Do all to guide your team to victory. As a manager and coach you handle the finance and sporting success. You are authorized to setup and adjust the prices of tickets, build and complete the stadium and visitor attractions. You are control the practice and team selection. Show us your Manager quality by contract negotiations and on the transfer market. Take every time a look to your budget, because a negative balance means a fast ending. Make a choice between a “fast Seasons” or start a career where you start with a lot of money to accomplish the sporty goals and keep your team from nothing to a “world champion”.

Changes since v2.7g:
-Yellow Card/Red Card
-Tactic locations
-Player exchange during gameplay
-sereval bugs fixed

Available languages: English and German
You can play it now in english (with some german words). You need to change the primary language of your device to "English". If you want to change the language of the Soccermanager PPC you have to go to Start -> Setings-> System tab -> Country and select "English" as primary language on your device. After a restart of the Soccermanager PPC you can play the game in english.

More Info:


Download Instructions: Install and use the provided keygen on your device. The keygen will be run automatically while setup. Just press the 'Generate' button.


Please support the developer! If you like this game, BUY IT or the developer will drop development! Read this post

< CAB file: FMPPC-Setup28b.CAB - Instructions - SiMiLaR >

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