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ROM > TyTN-Hermes WWE Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon 5.2.21109


Ansar says, "Dear forum members",

This is the new WWE WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.21109 Build 21109.1.6.0 Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon Rom.
It was developed in my girl friend's Hermes 200 bought recently during summer vacations.
The major tasks were the XIP and SYS porting from TyTN II that completed successfully.
The XIP is from TyTN II 6.1 official version.
The CE image is based on an Official WM6.1 CE OS 5.2.21109 ( Build 21109.1.6.0 ).
This rom is YouTube ready, includes many applications and has Bluetooth wireless stereo quality as in TyTN II.
Before attempting to flash the rom make sure that you have already installed Hard-SPL-V7, i.e. SPL-2.10.Olipro.
The rom does not include a radio but includes Extended Rom with AudioManager and S2U2.

Important notes:
1. If you install M2DSeaDragon.cab from VistalibWWE21109MVSD4_00\CabsToWindows then YouTube is not working due to memory restrictions.
2. After a reset or shutdown remember to always enable the USB to PC from Start\Settings\Connections to prevent deep sleep mode.

A. Screens of the New Mobile Vista 4.00 SeaDragon

B. Download Links
1. Hard-SPL-V7
Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/285376954/Hard-SPL-V7.zip
2. RUU_Hermes_WWE_WM6.1.21109.MobileVista4.00SeaDrago n_by_ansar
Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/28538182...n_by_ansar.zip
3. VistalibWWE21109MVSD4_00
Rapidshare: http://rapidshare.com/files/28538570...09MVSD4_00.zip

Till next version enjoy!!!
Regards, ansar 

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