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838 ROM > Hermes 6.1 19212 Business Edition (Direct port from Kaiser)


by jwzg

With the help of Bepe's old Hermes kitchen and tools from Tadzio and others, I've put together this rather forgettable, yet stable ROM. It's simply a direct port of the TyTN II 19212 6.1 Build which was last build for that model. It does not have Touchflo, but it has all other components and updated icons that don't look like WM2003. It is basically a "flash-and-forget" ROM for those who want a nearly official 6.1 build, yet don't care for all of the "look-at-me" bling and bleeding edge on some of the other devices. It is set up for an AT&T Keyboard, and does not have the 3g dialer. I have a version with the 3G dialer that is also set up for the HTC keyboard, but it's not ready for prime time, and no, I don't have a timeline for its release. I will not include any programs that are not OEM in the RC build or the final build so don't ask. You may dump the ROM and use any part of it at your discretion. Just give props where they're due.

Note: I put this together just like the factory ROM so all of the programs are in the OEMAPPS folder when you dump it. I'm working on making all of the packages come out in the SYS and OEM directories, but I haven't played with the new visual kitchen by Ervius just yet.


-HTC Home with working backlight adjuster (NOT a fix; this uses an HTCUtil.dll from another device that works)
-Voice Command (from AT&T Tilt official ROM; I like it, therefore its there)
-Sprite Backup HTC Licensed Edition (also from Tilt official ROM)
-Adobe Acrobat
-Audio Manager
-Esmertec Java
-Arcsoft MMS
-Internet Sharing
-Voice Recorder
-IA Zip
-Enlarge Start Menu (from Jade)
-Large Title Bar (also from Jade)
-HTC Connection Setup

-New, official WM6 or 6.1 icons for Control Panel items
-Lockstream DRM functional
-Windows Live and OneNote removed
-Connection Setup runs automatically after first reboot
-Mail setup runs automatically after first reboot

Possible issue:
-Someone please check SMS capability and functionality (I currently have it disabled on my account)

There may be other issues with this ROM, so please report them here only. I will fastidiously prune the thread of non-constructive comments and requests such as "Please include (name third-party program) or "How do I flash a ROM?" and "Please make me a splash screen."

Download link: Megaupload
Update 8/20/09

- Build number on splash screen updated to 3.29
- ROM date changed to reflect build date on original Kaiser ROM
- A little better memory usage but not much
- Icon's updated just a little

Really there's no reason to update unless you like your numbers to match. I'm anal like that, so I updated. It's still snappy, stable and looks OEM. Perfect for those of us not on the bleeding edge who also use our devices heavily.

Download Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=YK1VJ21E

Update: 10/20/09

- New Large Title Bar Function (uses pop out at top of screen)
- Vibrate button function restored
- In-call volume now adjustable by scrolling wheel
- HTC Splash Screen added
- Now packaged with 1.54 GSM radio

This is an interim upgrade. I will be releasing a package with the HTC keypad tomorrow. I'm not working on a 3G dialer version right now, as the components are a little different and I can't test it because AT&T doesn't allow for it.



Update: 10/27/09


Why? My new Fuze comes tomorrow because my keyboard is on the blink. Alright here is the change log.

- Animation works
- Bluetooth file transfer works
- Task Manger 1.51 replaces more recent version due to not closing programs correctly
- Somewhat improved memory usage

Link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=8XUQATZ0

I'm going to be hanging out a little bit from now on. Drop me a line if you have any questions or want the kitchen.

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