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ROM > CUSTEL WM VI Pro v2.5 [BBConnect Support!]


CUSTEL Windows Mobile VI Professional v2.5

BBConnect Support!
Original CE: 5.2.1413 (hex'ed to 5.1.195)
Original OS: 17741.0.2.1 (edited to 17741.2.3.0)

What's Good?
1. New Kernel
2. New Office 2k7
3. New Flash Player
4. New Java Manager
5. Audio Manager
6. New Task Manager
7. My Tweak App
8. Clearvue replaced with Adobe Reader LE
9. Performance registry modifications FAST
10. BIG Storage
11. OS Only no IPL/SPL/Ext Rom/Radio

Upgrade Guide for CUSTEL 2.5
Like my work?
How about for my time.

CUSTEL WM VI Professional v2.5 Standard BBConnect Support

CUSTEL WM VI Professional v2.5 Cingular BBConnect Support
(Pre-Installs Cingular Settings)

Attached Files:
CUSTEL Voip.cab (786.5 KB, 1384 views)
RemoteDesktop.cab (740.1 KB, 1206 views)
CWS_Proxy_Manager_Group.cab (5.0 KB, 1037 views)

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