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ROM > CRCs Release 13.5 - Stable Thread (Build 20270)


ROM ini hasil masakannya CRCinAU. Meskipun bukan keluaran resmi, kehebatan ROM ini tidak perlu diragukan lagi :D. Seperti si 'empu'nya bilang, ROM ini sangat stabil dan kompatibel dengan berbagai aplikasi, kalo enggak percaya, silahkan dicicip dulu.. :D 

NOTE: Development and release chains have changed. Please read this post for a run down of the changes.

Release 13.5 of this ROM includes:
* Windows Mobile 6.1 (CS OS 5.2.20270 (Build 20270.1.0.0))
* Telstra NextG support (Australia only)
* .Net framework 3.5
* 3G dialpad

Addons include:
* 1-Calc Lite
* 10 button HTC Touch comm manager
* ArcSoft MMS v5.0.31.11
* Camera 4.0 Build 28276
* HTC Network Wizard v1.0.31261.1
* HTC X-Button v2.1.33556.2

The following apps are installed from the Extended ROM or Device Update - meaning you can uninstall and not lose storage space:
* Office mobile 2007 (v6.1)
* Windows Live (
* Cyberon Voice Commander (v2.0 Build 711091)

Tweaks included:
* 802.11g enabled
* Cleartype enabled in both normal and landscape mode
* SD Card power management fix
* Camera delay fix.
* HSDPA Icon enabled (Displays H when HSDPA is active instead of 3G)

This ROM is UC Compliant


Don't forget to run Device Update after flashing! (Connect via ActiveSync or Wifi first)
Current Version Downloads:

Release 13.5:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Previous releases: (See next post for changelogs)
Release 13.4:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Release 13.3:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Release 13.2:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Release 13.0:
Normal - Naked - Naked Big Storage

Older releases pruned due to disk space requirements.

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