Kamis, 17 Desember 2009

ROM > 3.15.502.18 / 3.62.502.19 (Manila2D) CHO HTC Hermes


thanks PhamQuang!!

- OS: CE OS 5.2.20755 Build 20755.1.4.0
WM6.1 integrated functional interface Manila2D Black & Blue for HTC TyTN (Hermes), on the basis of: - Cingular Hermes WM6.0 ROM ship: 3.62.502.3
- Integration Manila2D be separated from the Ship Viva HTC ROM line. Some applications and interfaces used by the author herg62123.
Thanks herg62123! - Use 1 interface of the great Blue Poorlyduck. Thanks Poorlyduck!
- After ROM Up to function Manila2D fully functional, you need to install Opera and YouTube is enough.


Update V19:
OS: CE OS 5.2.20758 Build 20758.1.4..1
Version of the V19, WM6.1 with Manila2D - Black & Blue, development:
  • Develop, edit and change most of the applications from HTC Opal for the V18.
  • Change the SYS and XIP of the new OS: CE OS 5.2.20758 Build 20758.1.4.1
  • Use the function of Manila2D authors: herg62123, thanks!
  • Use Skin great for WMP, Calculator, ... of Poorlyduck, thanks!
pass: PhamQuang

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