Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Prince Of Persia HD v1.0.3


Requirements: HTC P3650/P3450/P3600/P4550/P5500/P6500/P4500
Overview: The Prince is back in a new kind of adventure in full 3D where cooperation with the mysterious Elika will let you perform actions never before seen on a mobile. Partnered with Elika, prepare for amazing acrobatics and fight gigantic monsters in 360° with a mix of magic and electrifying combat techniques! To save the world from a magical menace that has contaminated everything in its path, you must be ready for anything: ride a dragon, swing from precariously high ropes and fight a multitude of enemies in gigantic 3D environments full of traps and secrets to discover.

Save the world from a menace with your partner, Elika! Fight monsters and ride dragons in this 3D platform adventure game on mobile!

Download Instructions: ... v1.0.3.CAB


< CAB file: Prince.Of.Persia.HD.v1.0.3.CAB - No serial needed - SiMiLaR >

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