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Novii Media Novii Remote Deluxe v4.11.2006.08.21a IRv27


Requirements: Win CE, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, Windows Mobile, Windows Mobile 5.0
Overview: The only remote control software that supports all modern Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Operate your home theater, TV set, Cable/Sat box, DVD/CD, Audio, VCR, etc. Now a lot of new devices supoprted!

With NoviiRemote Deluxe, control all of your home entertainment equipment - TV, Cable/Sat, DVD/CD, VCR, etc. A superior interface, vibrant colors, easy installation and setup, better infrared drivers, and many other improvements have made this the favorite remote program on the market!

Provides custom user interface! You can create your own button layouts now. You may rename and move buttons, delete unnecessary buttons, create new buttons, create additional pages, etc.
You may create a macro that will turn on three devices with one button. You can switch the cable TV for your favorite 155-h channel with only one click.

* New ! Programming multi-command macros to one button push. For example, you may create a macro that will turn on 3 devices with one button, switch your Cable TV for your favorite 155-th channel by the only click, etc.
* As opposed to the competition, NoviiRemote Deluxe supports all the newest Windows Mobile devices including qtek 9100, i-mate JAmin, Cingular 8125, T-mobile MDA, Acer n30/n35, Dell Axim x51, etc. (see compatibility information below).
* Quick setup. The steps to set up NoviiRemote Deluxe are faster and more intuitive. Get up and running in just a few moments!
* About a hundred of pre-installed infrared codes for many popular devices (TVs, cable and satellite boxes and others). Just select your device by means of the Add wizard and begin using the remote!
* If you want more infrared codes, just download 500 additional codes here:
* Unlimited user-defined options let you design your own remote control. Name and draw your own buttons or make your own button layout! If you want the power button on the other side of the screen, move it there. If you want the 'Mute' button to be square instead of round, change it. If you want the 'Record' button to be blue instead of red, edit it.
* Easy navigation. Our interface allows two clicks access to virtually any section of software.

What's new in ver 4.11, build 2006.08.21a, IRv27, released in August 2006:
* A minor bug fixed.

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