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ROM > Josh's Manilla2D/M2DLight/WinterRom/DarkWinter2/SpringTime -21501


My PERFECT Manilla2d Builds are HERE
By: Joshkoss

Colored Version:

Plain Jane Version:

Inlcuded in rom,
XIP ported By Me
Sys By Abusalza!!!!
Icons by the great Abusalza!!
Thanks to Rick for using his USB cable at work for testing in between calls
Thanks to CaptFiero for his FTP space!! Loving it man, thanks.
Thanks to Kareem for my future kaiser kitchen
Thanks to TAI_SW for fixing vista compatibility

App Memory about 40 at first boot after installs,
Ram, about 20
Remember this is a loaded rom! you will love!!

Confirmed MMS working, SEND and Receive
Confirmed Obex bluetooth transferr working
.net 3.5
TouchResponse (installed at first boot, it will ask you to reboot hit NO)
MS Office 6.1 one note included
Flashlite -fixed for ptt hold fixed in 12/29 Update
PTT Vibrate button
Device Update (Thanks CRCinau)
NetCFg config
Blackberry Comm Manager
Opal Album
Opal Fullscreen for video in album
Bright screen
eXtraDlls added for compatibility.
USA ATT keyboard layout (change in advanced config)
OSX Blue keyboard skin to match theme!
Opal Dialer (2G) and 3g by abusalza
Actve Sync fix by anryl hermes kitchen
Jade Connection setup
Jade random access
HTC YouTube
Ringtone Plugin 3
Opal ShareDll
Raphal Dshow
Reg tweaks for power saver
WKtask Manager Tweaked by me for perfection
Screen Rotate (ripped from pdaviet rom)
multiselection in messeging
FTP for bluetooth packages, Bluetooth Printing
Advanced Network -Fixed 12/25/08
Opera 9.5 compressed and tweaked by me!! keyboards work 100%

[QUOTE=WildnMN;3492100]Here is the link to V15 colored 3G

Here is the link to the V15 plain 2G light build:

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