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Cherrysoft Chix v1.2


Requirements: Pocket PC, Windows CE 3.0, 2 MB free RAM.
Overview: ChiX is a challenging arcade game in which you have to reveal the hidden pictures of beautiful babes, by filling a certain percentage of the play area, whilst avoiding all kinds of enemies.

There are 40 progressive levels, containing 10 ChiX, each in 4 undress stages.Combine reflexes and strategy to mislead the vectorcube and border enemies and fill the playfield. The less the girls wear, the more of the playfield you have to reveal in order to see the pictures.

Gentlemen, enjoy the most sexy game for your Pocket PC, but don't get caught!

chix1.jpg image by PhamQuang2505

Features:* arcade action/strategy some with very addictive gameplay
* superb high-color graphics, sound effects and music soundtrack
* 40 progressive levels unveiling high-quality erotic pictures optimized for each Pocket PC screen

* 10 gorgeous babes, each in 4 (un-)dress states
* level selection: Resume previous games or replay any completed level
* extra life with each 4 levels completed
* High Scores listing
* clear helpscreen with game instructions
* installation on Compact Flash and Multimedia Cards possible
* free trial version allows playing the first 4 levels with censored pictures (no nudity)
* compatible with PocketPC (Win CE 3), PocketPC 2002 and 2003
* supports all types of Pocket PC

Download Instructions: Full Installation


< And HERE is the .CAB file 1 . >
< And HERE is the .CAB file 2. >
< First install file 1, then file 2 >

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