Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Bananas v1.1


Requirements: WM5, WM6
Overview: Take Filbert the monkey on a journey through the jungle to find the five Totems of Power...
This original action puzzler will take you through 24 levels in which you'll have to combine Filbert's agility with your quick thinking to save him from a deadly squashing on the screen border!

The principle is simple: As the branches rise you tell Filbert where to go so as not to be crushed by the top of the screen. To spice things up a little bit, he must avoid maluses on his way. Fortunately, many bonuses will be there to help.
The game is very manageable with increasingly difficult levels. See for yourself: Download the free trial version and try it!

# Finely crafted animations and graphics,
# 8 Original music themes,
# 5 Big Bosses, 3 Difficulty levels,
# Integrated Level Editor,
# Automatic save,
# Multilanguage support: English, French
# Free Updates,
# Technical support.

Download Instructions:
< CAB file: - No serial needed - SiMiLaR >

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