Sabtu, 19 Desember 2009

Age of Empires v1.25


Requirements: Win 3.0 CE, Pocket PC 2002 or Pocket PC 2003 Windows Mobile?? based device with a MIPS processor, minimum of 32MB RAM (with 10 MB of free program memory), supporting 12-bit or 16-bit color. (I've played and completed the game on an ARM XScale with WM5)
Overview: It's here! The original Age of Empires: Gold Edition for the PC now available for your Windows Mobile based Pocket PC device as Age of Empires: Pocket PC Edition! You are the guiding spirit of a Stone Age tribe. You start with minimal resources, and take on challenges to build your tribe into a great civilization lasting thousands of years. Will you win by conquering enemy civilizations? Exploring the known world? Or by economic victory through building wealth?

New Version 1.25 features include:
* All original PC game sound effects
* All but 2 of the original PC game musical tracks
* 3 minute intro video
* Full user manual embedded in Pocket IE ? readable HTML file


* Choose between 8 campaigns, 24 scenarios, death matches, or random maps
* Your choice of 16 different ancient civilizations
* Amazing graphics, music, and sound effects!
* Huge battles of historical conquests!
* Comprehensive technology tree
* All New Roman Architecture

Age of Empires: Pocket PC Edition uses Install Shield, and installs like any other standard Windows Mobile based Pocket PC application. Due to large size of the game, installs are divided into five pieces: main game, campaigns, scenarios, user manual, and intro video. Only the main game need be installed to play. But to access the other components (e.g. scenarios, campaigns, etc.), they must each be installed separately using Install Shield. For Windows Mobile based Pocket PC devices with memory card slots, the game or any of the components can be installed on a memory card to free up main memory. Individual components can also be deleted after installation to save space.

Storage requirements:
1 Main game only 9.8MB
2 Campaigns 5.1MB
3 Scenarios 1.2MB
4 User manual 0.3MB
5 Intro video 4.0MB

A complete installation with all components takes up 20.4MB. Saved games typically require 150K to 300K each; however, large campaigns can require upwards of 700K per save.

Release Tester's Review: computerk2002

Download Instructions: ... 5.Full.rar

Mirrors: ... ... _v125.html ... 5.Full.rar

Just unrar, install, and replace the .exe with the one in the 'crack' folder.

< CAB files: - - - - - No need for serial - SiMiLaR - >

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